The Fishing Season

** From opener in mid May through October

Early in the season (through mid June) and the months of Sept. and Oct. typically produce larger fish on average. However, the fish of a lifetime can be just one cast away at any time during the open water season.

The Walleyes

Early and late in the season a good bite can be had for the better part of the entire day. mid summer finds the bite better in the morning and early evening hours. Recent slot limits imposed by the DNR have already shown an improvement in overall average size of the walleye population, resulting in some nice limits of 14”-17” eating size fish, as well as more and more fish in the 17’-26” catch and release slot.

Visit the Pike River Hatchery during the annual DNR spring egg stripping operation and you will be amazed at the shear numbers of 5-10# fish that come to spawn every season.

In summary, the already healthy population of golden walleye is only getting better!