Custom Database Development

Tired of trying to manage data in Excel? Frustrated with programs that don't quite fit your specific business needs? If so, I encourage you to seriously consider what custom software development can offer your business...

Efficiency - A custom database can significantly reduce the amount of time spent performing routine activities and give you instant access to critical information when you need it. Additionally, because it's custom designed around how your business operates, it won't be filled with useless or obscure commands and/or areas that get in the way of doing what you need to do. BSC specializes in user-friendly designs that work around you rather than the other way around and works directly with you to achieve your desired outcome.

Consistency - A custom database provides validation to ensure that data is formatted and organized properly across your company and that branding stays in tact.

Collaboration - Custom designed databases can fit virtually any need and allow you to integrate and share information throughout your company. Custom solutions provide flexibility in how you manage your data today and are adaptable to your company's needs as it grows.


Web-Database Integration

Integrating a database with the web brings you to an entirely new level of interactivity between your customers and your data. Capturing data directly to a database allows you to see the result of your efforts in real time. This may be common in big companies, but now BSC uses the inherent power of FileMaker Pro to bring this high level of service to small businesses at a price that will keep them in business.

One example is an online MSDS database which allows school staff to look up Material Safety Data Sheets online and download the PDF files for viewing. Take a look...



A more complex example is an Indoor Air Quality Survey that schools use to determine if air quality is a problem and what may be causing it. For more information on this survey and to take a look at a demonstration version of it, click here.

FileMaker Pro Hosting

Bombardier Software & Consulting is proud to offer custom FileMaker Pro hosting solutions for your business. We work directly with you to meet your hosting needs and offer competitive pricing to keep your business in business. For more details on FileMaker Pro Hosting options with BSC, please click here.